A commitment to Music Education

A commitment to Music Education

Teaching Department –  Associação António Fragoso

Part of the mission of the Associação António Fragoso (AAF) involves the Teaching of Music.

Within the Teaching Department of AAF, two academies were founded: the António Fragoso Music Academy (Academia de Música António Fragoso) and the International Music Academy “Aquiles Delle Vigne”.

Academia de Música António Fragoso

The “Academia de Música António Fragoso” was established in 2014 with headquarters in Cantanhede.

It is an institution dedicated to the initiatory teaching of music, where a pedagogical method that is based on practice and experience is followed.

International Music Academy “Aquiles Delle Vigne”

The International Academy of Music “Aquiles Delle Vigne” was created in 2012 through a partnership between ‘Associação António Fragoso’ and the Belgian association ‘Musici Artis’ (Brussels) and practices piano teaching of the highest standard.

This Academy is attended by young and talented pianists from different countries, who wish to perfect their pianistic performance and who seek excellence in their performances. Its students have received the highest prizes in international competitions, doing justice to the excellence of the teaching practiced there.

Today it is an autonomous academy, with AAF maintaining close ties with A2DV, the name of the society that governs it.