Academia de Música António Fragoso

Academia de Música António Fragoso

A focus on initiatory music teaching for children and young people

Academia de Música António Fragoso (AMAF) was created in 2014.

Based in Cantanhede, it is an institution dedicated to the initiatory teaching of music.

For a comprehensive musical training, the Academy bets on the use of a pedagogical method that is based on practice and experience.

Each year the AMAF receives between 50 and 80 students from the age of 3 years onwards.

The best students of this Academy are often admitted to continue their musical studies in the Conservatory of Music of Coimbra and/or are invited to make an internship in the Orchestra OPUS 21 or to be part of the group Pro Musica Antigua.

The educational offer of Academia de Música António Fragoso

  • Piano

  • Piano for Beginners

  • Classical Guitar

  • Pop Guitar

  • Vibraphone

  • Wind Instruments

  • Choir

  • Musical Training

  • Music Reading

  • Musical Internships

About us

The teaching staff of the Academia de Música António Fragoso

General Director

Eduardo Fragoso Martins Soares

Artistic Director

Evaristo Neto

Pedagogical Director

Francisco Relva Pereira


João Castilho

Clarinet and Choral Conducting

Daniela Neto

Musical Instrument Teacher

Tiago Baptista

Special Projects of the Academia de Música António Fragoso

Children and Parents Choir

It started in 2018 almost with a joke, as the father of a student, tired of waiting for his son to finish class, proposed to gather the parents of many students and participate in their children’s choir.

The happy idea gave rise to a special choir that demonstrated that the Academy was not only teaching the children but also inserting itself in the Community, giving public concerts with this mixture of parents and children.

They are directed by Daniela Neto.

Opportunities for Young Musicians

At the Academia de Música António Fragoso (AMAF), young musicians have the opportunity to participate in musical internships developed within the musical groups of Associação António Fragoso, Orquestra OPUS 21 and Pro Musica Antigua.

The aim is to give them the opportunity to improve their musical skills and contribute to increasing their motivation to study and make music.

This is achieved by giving them the opportunity to perform in live concerts and promoting close contact with the other musicians who form part of these groups.

The insertion of young AMAF students in internships in these musical groups depends mainly on two factors:

  1. Be able to sight-reading music.
  2. Be able to play their instrument barely good enough.

New Students

Student enrollment at the Academia de Música António Fragoso

At AMAF, teaching is individualized and adapted to the needs and pace of learning of each student.

The Academy has its own manuals, which were designed and studied to promote a rapid evolution of students’ musical knowledge and skills.

Thus, there is no pre-established date for enrolling in this Academy. Enrollment is open every month throughout the year, new students being admitted in any month that suits them.

Parents should contact AMAF to request more information and/or enroll their children/students to learn music at the Academy.

Activities Agenda of the Academia de Música António Fragoso

School Year 2023/24

The students perform to the public at least 3 times a year in the so-called Christmas, Easter and End of the Year Rections (this one in Expofacic).

Starting with those who have only had a few lessons, we end up with an orchestra made up of the most senior students.

All the students perform in these recitatives, as this ends up being a great stimulus for them to continue.

Whenever the OPUS 21 Orchestra and PRO MUSICA ANTIQUA give concerts, the more advanced students are encouraged to play with their teachers and with professionals.

News Soon! - Ativities of the Academia de Música António Fragoso

Additional Information

Because our educational community always deserves the best, Academia de Música António Fragoso is currently moving to new facilities. We will soon give news about it.

In the meantime, to contact us, you can use the following contacts:

Phone: (+351) 962 960 578 (Maestro Evaristo Neto)
School Office Hours: 10h – 17h (Monday to Friday)