Associação António Fragoso

Memory, Culture, Excellence, Innovation

Memory, Culture, Excellence, Innovation

Associação António Fragoso

Preserving the legacy of António Fragoso

The Associação António Fragoso (AAF) is a non-profit cultural institution, founded in January 2009.

This institution was created by a group of relatives of António Fragoso, who did not want to see forgotten the unique artistic and cultural heritage, left by the composer, who died prematurely at the age of 21 in a country where references to classical music are so rare.

Its mission is to leave the entirety of António Fragoso’s legacy, duly studied, revised, published and recorded, thus allowing his memory and his work to endure in time and constitute a valuable heritage for future generations.

Busto de António de Lima Fragoso - Compositor (Pocariça, Portugal)

Its main objectives are the study, revision, editing and wide dissemination of musical and literary works left by António Fragoso, including unpublished works.

Their social bodies of the AAF are mostly formed by the relatives of António Fragoso, namely 4 of his nephews and several great-nephews of this composer.

About us

The AAF Staff


Eduardo J. Fragoso Martins Soares

Vice President

Mª Isabel Fragoso M. S. Valente Pires


Evaristo Neto


José Andrade Campos


Alexandra Gomes

More than a decade at the service of Portuguese culture

Visita dos alunos e professores do Conservatório de Música da Póvoa de Varzim à Casa de António Fragoso - 2023

Since its foundation, more than a decade ago, the Associação António Fragoso (AAF) has based its activity on the premise that “a composer only becomes known if his music is played assiduously.”

To fulfill its mission, AAF has focused its activity on the edition of records, books and scores, the realization of live concerts and the creation and support of various musical groups. In his concerts, in addition to the music of Fragoso, works by other composers whom we all consider immortal.

The teaching of music has been another of his bets. Its Teaching Department is linked to the creation of two music schools: the António Fragoso Academy of Music and the International Music Academy “Aquiles delle Vigne”.

The activity of the AAF also includes the holding of various events, such as meetings, conferences, seminars and collegium of composers.

Our Work

The AAF in numbers: 2009-2019






Resident Musical Ensembles






Collegium of Composers













Mentions and Distinctions


Associação António Fragoso

Plaque and Diploma of Recognition and Merit of Cantanhede City Council.


Associação António Fragoso

The Portuguese Assembly of the Republic voted unanimously a Vote of Salutation for the work on behalf of the composer António Fragoso.


Eduardo Fragoso Soares, President of the AAF

Award of Recognition and Merit of the Cantanhede City Council for the performance in favor of the dissemination of the Work of António Fragoso and the Culture of the County.

One look towards the Future: paths to Internationalization and Patronage

Assinatura do protocolo de doação do Espólio de António Fragoso à Universidade de Coimbra
Adesão da Associação António Fragoso ao Centre Europeén de Musique

After an intense work of consolidation of the life and work of António Fragoso in Portugal, the Associação António Fragoso (AAF) now has its eyes set on the future, which involves the consolidation of the name and work of this composer at an international level and the creation of patronage protocols in favor of the Association.

New protocols and partnerships allow AAF to achieve its mission and continue with its activity to integrate and conquer new national and international audiences, keeping alive the legacy of António Fragoso and the AAF’s vocation for the production, promotion and creation of music and music teaching.

Currently, the António Fragoso Association has in its favor two Patronage Diplomas, which allow it to develop its cultural programming and rehabilitate the House of António Fragoso, recently integrated into the European Network of Houses and Museums of Artists and Composers.

Since 2021 the AAF is also a Member of the “Centre Européen de Musique”, which allows it to tread new international paths.

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